Using Fiddler on FarmVille

Fiddler is a HTTP debugging proxy application. You can use Fiddler to mess with FarmVille. Open Fiddler and look for “/current//gameSettings.xml” when you load the game. At the last update of this page the gameSettings.xml version was v11449, so the entire url is Download gameSettings.xml to your computer. Select the gameSettings.xml line in Fiddler and add a new AutoResponder. Set Fiddler to respond with your local copy “C:gameSettings.xml”. Now make any changes you want to the file and refresh. Note: to redirect any version of gameSettings.xml to your file set the URI match to “regex:(?insx)^http://.*gameSettings.xml$”

Most changes will eventually cause the game to give an out of sync error and force a refresh of the game. But I found that changing any of the following does not generate an error:

  • harvestTime
  • idleMissionTime
  • missionPerUserTimeLimit
  • plantTime
  • plowTime
  • walkSpeed

idleMissionTime=”1″, missionPerUserTimeLimit=”1″, walkSpeed=”1″ and plowTime=”0″

idleMissionTime=”1″, missionPerUserTimeLimit=”1″, walkSpeed=”1″ and plowTime=”-1″

31 thoughts on “Using Fiddler on FarmVille

  1. Thenx for the tips! It really works!
    But what do you mean by changing “idleMissionTime” and “missionPerUserTimeLimit” do not generate an error.
    What numbers did you use?
    Is it still functional?
    I’ve tried changing on my own but the same old “..code g3″ pop up.. “Refresh”..

  2. I will do some more testing, but it should still be working. Changing only those two settings didn’t give me an error. I set both to “1″. Sit on your farm for a short time and you should get a popup about helping a friend. I usually get two popups at a time. Once you are done, return back to your farm to get more.

  3. I downloaded a fresh copy of v6054. Set idleMissionTime and missionPerUserTimeLimit and it is still working.

    What browser are you using?
    Do you see Fiddler respond to the gameSettings.xml?

  4. Im using firefox 3.5.3 with fiddler2 set to “force traffic to fiddler”.

    On fiddler the auto response set to load c:gameSettings.xml

    Actually i can see that the gameSettings.xml is been injected but my problem is that it hangs on loading atleast 90% of the loading bar.

  5. Every once in a while I have the same problem with FarmVille not loading. I’m using Internet Explorer. I just hit CTRL+F5 to force a refresh of everything. If that doesn’t work. Close the browser and open a new one.

  6. Its working now… I have deleted/sell all my items and animals for it to work this causes the hang..

    how do I boost my experience now? I cant concentrate on farming because of the annoying neighbor help request.

    Thanks Darren!

  7. Changing those two settings is only for doing missions. Do not set them if you want to farm.

    I have two different AutoResponders with different versions of the gameSettings.xml. One only has changes to do missions(idleMissionTime and missionPerUserTimeLimit) and the other for farming (harvestTime, plantTime, plowTime and walkSpeed).

  8. What is the best way to boost my level bigtime? through mission or farming?

    when i change inGameDaySeconds to withered faster, I keep on getting out of sync.

  9. Do you edit the growtime or inGameDaySeconds to fast grow? I keep getting the sync error when i use this method.. does this method will work?

  10. Can you Broadcast a new one Vid with installation about fiddler and how to use it sorry im not good in computer and how to edit etc. . .

  11. 1500

    If you made the Tranform to an elephant or something wouldn’t that create one? Instead of a swan?

  12. So I might be bumping an old board here. But I am just wondering if this still works. The version is now v9657. Maybe gamesettings.xml isn’t there? Or maybe I just don’t know how to use fiddle2. A little help would be great.

  13. I cant seem to save the gamesettings.xml file, I can see it in the autoresponder and all the details in the inspectors, but I cant figure out how to save so i can modify the file so that i can respond with my version of it. Im sure its something simple I am missing please advise

  14. I think they have changed how the gamesettings works….I noticed now it’s named gameSettings.xml.gz and game was updated on Feb 9 around 10 or 11 PM (EST). There’s one gamesettings file that appears to be 64kb and empty, then there’s another that popped up in Fiddler that showed approx 526kb and I could see the English written data in it…Modifying it and forcing it in Fiddler has not worked…The temp file method doesn’t work for me anymore either…It did minutes before February 9′s update but ever since then, it hasn’t worked. I cleared cache, then reopened Farmville and it downloaded a 461kb file but had jibberish in it, not the normal English settings I was used to seeing. Looks like they’ve blocked us from hacking like that I’m afraid :(

  15. Yes, you are right.
    You can download the “correct”-file, though.
    Just ommit the ending .gz and it will display the un-encrypted version.

    But even with that in the autoresponder in fiddler it wouldn’t work anymore.
    The farm will just not load.

    maybe someone figures something out how to get around this :-)

  16. Oh one more.

    Of course I have updated the autoresponder to the:


    When I edit the unencrytped version. But it wont work :-(

  17. today while trying to mess with the .xml file, nothing was working. while looking through Fiddler i noticed farmville had 3 different types of xml files showing up. I browsed through all of them and they all were the same.

    So I’m thinking farmville got smart and starting using multiple files, keeping us from altering a single one like before….?

  18. I’ve started back playing FarmVille and I’ve gotten fiddler to work again with the new gameSettings.xml.gz file. I need to figure out an easy way to make it work. I will post something new soon.

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