Farm Town

Auto Plant
- Must be zoomed in one time.
- Scroll down in your browser to hide the text at the top of the game, or the bot will click it. This can be fixed by changing the “ImageSearch” window to fix your computer.
- If the bot gets stuck, moving your mouse usually fixes it. If not, press the escape key to exit or the pause key to pause.
Download Farm Town Plant AutoHotkey Script

Planting Bug
After you are finished planting, and you have plots queued up at 0%. Click the save pending changes icon and then refresh the page. All of the queued 0% plots will now be at 100%.

Show Bug
Farm Town Show BugFarm Town Hiding Bug
I found a bug in Farm Town when you deselect “Show Trees” or “Show Buildings” in “Preferences”. The bug allows buildings to be placed on top of trees, buildings on top of buildings, and even plowing under buildings and trees.

If you have trouble placing something under a hidden object, place it somewhere else first and then move it. If you have trouble plowing a spot, move something in the spot and then move it out.

Farm Town Quests
When you click on the “My Neighbours” tab you are usually given a quest to do on a neighbor’s farm. The first fifty quests per day will give 6 XP each (1 XP beyond) and some extra coins.

The URL:[farm_id]&quest_id=[quest_id]&ref=friends:quest

Farm IDs: Found in the links on the “My Neighbours” page (Example: “Send Gift to…”).
Quest IDs: rake, gloves or water-hose

A script can be used to complete quests faster.
Download Farm Town Quest AutoIt Script

Google Docs – Farm Town Data Sheet
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