Monthly Archives: April 2004

more test test test

I feel like both my tests today went well.  I wrote three pages on my English regents style in-class essay on law enforcement agencies tapping phone lines.  I was able to complete all but the antiderivatives on my calculus test.  On my way to class I saw someone I haven’t seen in forever, William Curtis. He is still doing the same old thing, college and playing the bass in a band.  He had got a star tattoo on the underside of his wrist, I love it.  Then I saw Rusty Townsen in the computer lab and I talked w/ him for a bit and showed him Don Hertzfeldt-Rejected.  Next week is the last week of school, then it’s summer time and the living will be easy. YAY!

CS Programming Group

My computer science teacher asked me to stay after class today.  (I thought I was in trouble or failing the class or something.)  But it was good news, he wants to start a programming group.  A group of the best lower class programmers.. I’m invited.  I’m so excited! :)

CS project

After building a working protype for my CS project, which is a program that converts jpeg => ACSII characters my professor said, “That’s nice and all, but make it create a photomosaic image.”  The problem is that the semster is almost over! All that was left on the project was to create a GUI.  Oh well, this will still be a really cool project when it is completed.