AT&T Disable YouMail Forwarding

YouMail support has a list of codes for reforwarding your voicemail to your carrier. For AT&T they list ##004#. This didn’t work for me on my iPhone 6.

To activate YouMail I had to dial:

  • *61* Access Number #
  • *62* Access Number #
  • *67* Access Number #

So, to deactivate YouMail I dialed:

  • ##61#
  • ##62#
  • ##67#

26.2 with Donna 2014

On February 23, 2014 I ran my second full marathon, 26.2 with Donna.

Saturday we dropped in close to the end of the expo. I could care less about going to a race expo, but it was required in order to pick up your race bib. Surprisingly, we really enjoyed walking around at the expo. Next we checked into our hotel, the Sawgrass Marriott. The hotel was in a perfect location since it was so close to the starting line.

Sunday I cut threw some trees and ended up walking ~1/2 mile to the starting line. I walked around trying to catch up with some Run For Your Life! members, but they were trapped in the insanely long port-o-potty lines. I randomly bumped in to someone from Valdosta running the half marathon! Then it was off to the starting line. The race started a few minutes late. I previously decided to try out the Galloway pace group, and quickly caught up to the 2 hour half and 4 hour full pacers. Chris Twiggs was helping pace the 4 hour full. He pointed out when we passed Donna Deegan. I know the race is called 26.2 with Donna, but I didn’t realized it meant I was actually going to be running a marathon with her. My goal was to finish the race under 4 hours, but at mile 20 I hit the wall and was unable to keep the pace. I dropped back but still managed to finish the race in 4 hours and 10 minutes. I finished right as it was starting to rain. At the finish line I bumped in to someone I met at my first marathon! Since it was raining, I was in a hurry to get back. I had to wait ~10 minutes to catch a bus back to the starting line where Cortney picked me up.

Official race photos: Sport Photo
Race Results

After the race we went to Sweet Tomatoes, which is awesome because they label their food vegan/vegetarian!
We came across an accident in Jacksonville: