AT&T Disable YouMail Forwarding

YouMail support has a list of codes for reforwarding your voicemail to your carrier. For AT&T they list ##004#. This didn’t work for me on my iPhone 6.

To activate YouMail I had to dial:

  • *61* Access Number #
  • *62* Access Number #
  • *67* Access Number #

So, to deactivate YouMail I dialed:

  • ##61#
  • ##62#
  • ##67#

How To Remove eBook DRM Protection

This can be used on almost all eBook formats. This details how to remove DRM from a PDF.

First, you will need to download:

Next, configure calibre to use the plugin:
  1. Extract the file
  2. Open calibre
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Click Plugins (under Advanced)
  5. Click Load plugin from file
  6. Select tools_v6.0.7\DeDRM_calibre_plugin\
  7. Select DeDRM under File type plugins
  8. Click Customize plugin
  9. Click Adobe Digital Editions ebooks
  10. Click the green +
  11. Click OK to accept the default Unique Key Name
  12. Click Close to close the Key window
  13. Click OK to close the Customize DeDRM window
  14. Restart calibre
calibre should now be ready to go! Click Add books or just drag and drop a book into the program.